Hello friends! I'm over the moon at seeing the Bernie Barbie ™ logo go wild online. What started as a funny little joke in my head, has turned into a larger cultural meme, and a wake up call as to how involved young, creative voters can become in this campaign. It's also shown me just how deeply Bernie's message of income inequality resonates with all of us and how important it is we turn the tide on racial justice, women's rights, and LGBT issues in this election. I hope that, in its own small way, the Bernie Barbie ™ design can continue to raise Bernie's profile and ignite discussion around the many key issues of this election, while also raising money for important causes. 

Turning the design into a t-shirt means 1) I will be making alot of trips to the post office this year and 2) there's an opportunity to raise some funds for charity. I am pledging that 40% of all proceeds from sales of the Bernie Barbie™ merch will be donated directly to Planned Parenthood's clinics. Their organization is one that has helped many of us and one that Bernie has supported and defended throughout his political career. Did you know that Planned Parenthood loves Bernie's voting record, giving him a 100% rating on the their congressional scorecard? Many of you are probably thinking "Hey why the heck aren't proceeds going to my main man Bernie?" Unfortunately campaign finance rules don't allow for this. Campaign contributions have to come from an individual and cannot be pooled through the sale of a product. This is illegal, and I assume (even if I hypothetically broke the law) I'd hit the $2,700 limit for an individual contribution fairly quickly. In light of these limits, I'm opting to send a portion of proceeds to an organization as fiercely devoted to women's reproductive rights as Bernie is. I will also be donating personally and frequently to Bernie's campaign.

Learn more about Bernie's pro-woman policies and why he is the strongest candidate on women's issues here.

bernie barbie 2016 berbie logo shirt tshirt tee
It's been a doozy of a year for women's reproductive health rights and Planned Parenthood needs our support more than ever. 40% of each shirt and sticker purchase will go direct to Planned Parenthood's clinical operations and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. This organization is on the front lines, making sure women have access to safe and necessary healthcare options. To learn more about Planned Parenthood's many avenues of activism and the types of services they offer visit their site here.

*UPDATE With the knowledge of Planned Parenthood's Action Fund Clinton endorsement, I am taking care that all donations be sent to Planned Parenthood's clinical operations (PPFA) and NOT to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF). 

All this said, Bernie needs your donations too! Bernie is currently running a historic and unprecedented fundraising campaign and I encourage all of you to donate to Bernie here! No donation is too small, in fact a majority of Bernie's campaign donations are made up of contributions with an average of only $30. Bernie's running on the strength of a truly people powered campaign. 

bernie barbie 2016 berbie logo shirt tshirt tee

I will keep you all updated on other exciting merch on the way. Please share the shirt far and wide, with your friends and family, and don't buy a knockoff from a shady jerk company! Support Bernie and women's reproductive health!


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#FeelTheBern Barbies!

<3 Nicole